What 100 Year-Olds Have to Teach Us



Studies of centenarians – people who’ve lived to 100 years old – have shown that they share one characteristic in common.  It’s not superior genetics, healthy diets, socio-economic status, or money.  The thread that connects them all is the ability to adapt to change – which means that our capacity to adjust to circumstances is not only good for our finances but good for our health as well.

Many are afraid that by creating a financial plan, they’re setting their lives on a path from which they can’t deviate.  It’s as if the Life Plan is a railroad track and the only way to get off is to derail completely.

No doubt, there are endless possibilities that could disrupt your life:  global economic meltdowns, personal challenges like death and divorce, and unemployment to name a few.  A Life Plan will give you peace of mind regardless of the unpredictable events that come your way. Despite the financial collapse that began in 2008, none of my client’s lives were dramatically altered.  Their Life Plans cushioned the blow of the economic train wreck.

When you have a clear financial plan, you’ll be able to adjust to change with more confidence than you would without one.  When you have financial stability, like an emergency fund, you weather the market tumble, the layoff, the decision to switch careers, or unexpected health problems.

Financial stability happens by design, not by default.  It takes planning, discipline, time, and as our beloved centenarians have taught us, flexibility in change.


Excerpt from Robert O. Graves book, Your Life Plan: A Guide to Financial Freedom.

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